What materials do we use? At MIA Audio we only used the best material and product available on the market! We use high quality Mogami cable on all our products, Neutrik connectors and TechFlex.

How long does it take to receive my order? We typically ship and deliver our orders within 2-3 weeks but perhaps sooner. Some customers have received their orders in 4-7 days. However,We say 2-3 weeks to cover any delays.

What if i cant find the cable and length I am looking for? You can email us at sales@miaaudio.com and place your order for a custom cable.

What if my cable stops working? Since our cables are made from Mogami cable, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our cables just ship us back the bad cable and contact us at support@miaaudio.com or Fill out our Warranty/Repairs form on our page.

(See Warranty/Repairs)

Please note warranty does not cover customer inflicted damage

Can I receive a refund? Since our orders are handmade and crafted to each customer's needs, All sales are final. No refunds. However if an order needs modification we are gladly able to assist.

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